Stock market Data

Amibroker Data Feed

This is completely Rela Time DataPro with advanced features like tick charts, even faster backfills, automated trial & licensing, support for 32 / 64bit AmiBroker - and much more.
Free trial of Real Time Data Feed will be available for 3 working days (user can add up to 190 symbols from NSE, NFO, CDS, and MCX during the trial).

Features : 

  • Supports 32bit & 64bit AmiBroker.
  • Automated Free Trial.
  • Supports Tick (realtime and backfill) and 1minute data (backfill 1minute, realtime tick by tick).
  • Even faster data backfills.
  • Fully automated User Licensing System.
  • Fully automated User License Transfer to new PC.
  • Automatic Login. No need to enter login id, passwords, etc.
  • voice alert on internet disconnection
  • Supports NSE F&O, NSE Cash, NSE Currency & MCX.
  • T&S data.